More Blessed to Give

For the third consecutive year, theGATE adopted families from the community to show them the love of Christ by providing them with a Christmas that would not have been possible otherwise. This year individuals in our congregation took a total of 16 children and agreed to spend 150.00 on each child.
Their Christmas party was last night and we partnered with The Lamp Post Cafe who provided all the families with a Christmas dinner. Each child was then given their presents. To see the looks on their faces was so heart warming…

There were plenty of tears shed and while the families were very appreciative the majority of the tears shed were from those who had given. It was another confirmation of the scripture in Acts that says “its more blessed to give than to receive”

I am so proud to be part of a church that lives by that motto. If you have never tested that scripture, I challenge you to try it. I promise you will experience a feeling that you can not explain!