I Love My Church

This was in the reading plan “I Love My Church” and it spoke to me, so I thought I would share.

We live in a culture dominated by entertainment. If a movie is good, people will go. If it isn’t, people will stay away. If a television show is good, people will watch. If it isn’t, it will be canceled. And if church is good, people will go. If not, people will stay away.

God communicates creatively and His church should as well:
• When God wanted to communicate to Balaam, He spoke to Balaam through a donkey.
• When God wanted to communicate to Jonah, He used a big fish.
• When God wanted Peter to learn not to worry about money, He sent Peter fishing and told him there would be money in the mouth of the fish.
Given God’s example, why shouldn’t we do our best to make our church services the most creative, entertaining environment of the week?

The population is increasing while church attendance is decreasing. I’ve read the statistics that over 90 percent of churches in America are either stagnant or declining.

Maybe it’s because people find no value in going to church. Maybe nothing in the church seems to hold their attention. You can scream at people for embracing this mindset, but the people who are embracing it are lost. And if we are not willing to do what it takes to reach them, they are going to go to hell.

When people walk into church, something has to catch their attention if we want them to come back. We should talk about sin and repentance, but we should do it in a way people can understand and apply that information. And I’m not saying this to just church leaders, I’m saying this to everyone who knows Jesus and goes to church! You, as the greeter or children’s ministry volunteer or usher, have the opportunity to make people feel loved and welcomed. People will come to church to experience it. People will come BACK to church because of a relationship.

If the church was as serious as Hollywood is, about reaching people, we would be reaching more people. Hollywood has discovered something the church runs from: It takes work to create an experience people will remember.

The people walking through our doors are worth our time and effort. People should look forward to church more than they look forward to watching a new sitcom or blockbuster hit.

Yes, God is in charge. He is ultimately responsible for everything. But we have to understand that God works through people who work. He is honored when people plan, pray and work, rather then sit back and watch Him make up the difference.