School Supplies for Crabbe

As summer comes to an end, it is time for our kids to head back to school.  As we have in the past, we will be collecting school supplies for Crabbe Elementary.  We will provide each teacher with one complete set of the school supply list for their grade.  If you would like to help […]

More Blessed to Give

For the third consecutive year, theGATE adopted families from the community to show them the love of Christ by providing them with a Christmas that would not have been possible otherwise. This year individuals in our congregation took a total of 16 children and agreed to spend 150.00 on each child. Their Christmas party was […]

Christmas for Crabbe Update

We were given a total of 16 children from the Resource Center. The day it was announced we immediately secured sponsors for 13 of the 16 children. As of today we have sponsors for all but 1 child. It is so awesome to watch a group of people understand and carry out God’s plan. Join […]

Crabbe Christmas

For the third consecutive year, theGATE will be blessing families from Crabbe Elementary. We have asked for 15 children this year. The Lamp Post Cafe has offered to serve the entire family dinner that evening as well. The date is set for Monday December 16th! What an opportunity we have to show Christ’s love in […]